Delaware County ARC's "Shift Happens" training aiding ARCs around the nation

“It has been a life-changing experience and process!” shared Lori Ramirez, CEO of The Arc of Fresno and Madera Counties, CA, when speaking of the training they have received from The Arc of Delaware County.
This training, known as Shift Happens, has helped organizations across the nation shift from traditional reactive approaches to positive, proactive approaches in supporting people with disabilities, and guided them in making comprehensive, culture strengthening improvements.
With proven success in increasing the positives, such things as learning and growth, self-esteem, and productivity, and reducing the negatives, such as incidents of abuse, neglect, assaults, and violence, The Arc of Delaware County, was engaged by The Arc of California to bring the Shift Happens training to organizations throughout the Sacramento, Los Angeles, and Oakland areas.
“We’ve taken our message how through caring and positivity you can improve productivity and performance to staffs as diverse as Alaska, Georgia, California, and of course New York among others, and have found our message resonates whether the setting is urban or rural, institutional or community based.” reflects George Suess, CEO of The Arc of Delaware County.
Embraced with firsthand knowledge gained from their roles and experiences at The Arc of Delaware County, Life Coaches Heidi Friedman, Valarie Stafford, and Katie Backus, together with George Suess, traveled to California to teach boards of directors, leaders, and direct support staff about this positive, proactive approach they use every day.
The first day, the training they provided began with a focus on the importance of caring, and how even people who have devoted their entire careers to caring for others can take caring to an even deeper level by following the principles in the person-centered, positive, and proactive Shift Happens approach.

Instructional points
The second day walked people through building such an approach through specific HR practices, beginning with hiring the right people and then providing them with proper training, coaching, and ongoing support.
“It seems that everywhere we go, organizations are experiencing budget cuts or underfunding. Simply telling people to do more with less doesn’t work. They feel they have been doing more with less for years and there is no more room for their budget to accommodate cuts. Part of the solution, we believe, is by increasing individual and team productivity through proactive strategies to improve accountability, cooperation, and teamwork. We show organizations how to do this, and with a smile.” shared George Suess.
To learn more about The Arc of Delaware County’s unique approach, go to, or call 607-865-7126 and arrange for a consultation or visit.