Defense of hunting offered


To The Editor:
Unfair is not an entity of nature. When, the big fish stops eating the little fish, then, we are all in trouble. Robin Williams’ letter to the editor in last week’s paper is a clear example of somebody out of touch with nature.

Robin Williams, does not possess one iota of fair chase, element of pursuit and license responsibilities of the hunter. Contrarily, we have numerous pheasant preserves throughout the state and country where hunters spend thousands of dollars each year in pursuit of the majestic game bird in its wild habitat. In addition, D.E.C. provides special hunting opportunities for junior hunters (12-15 years), with valid small game licenses who are required to have a licensed adult hunter accompany them during the youth hunts that take place before the regular season. These opportunities take place across the nation (youth hunts). Oh, by the way, at no cost to the taxpayer.

The Conservation departments across the country are financed by trappers, hunters and fishermen through the Pittman Robertson Act of the 1930s, taxes on hunting, fishing and trapping equipment plus licenses and permits. New York State wild game harvest provides over 48 million servings per year including our feeding the hungry programs, that the public is not informed of. Consider the price of beef or pork at $3 per pound or $2 per pound for boneless chicken and turkey; therefore, you would have a value of close to $40 million on New York’s annual harvest of wild game. These statistics are listed in the New York State Hunting and Trapping Guide — read it.

In closing, everybody sees wildlife on their property — birds, mammals, big, small etc. etc. however; pursue the species in its wild habitat and it will provide you with a humbling experience, if you think it’s easy. It’s not easy to buck brush all day to flush a pheasant and then, try to hit it scaling at speeds of 65 mph., the fastest of our game birds. Even the American Woodcock can be difficult — the slowest flying bird in the world. The pheasant was introduced here over 110 years ago, so, why would an anti, ill informed person attack our tradition, heritage and healthy family outdoor pursuit, as this person so casually did by going public with these comments of no substance or facts, only emotionalism.

I hope this response informs the readers a little bit in this limited space. I’m a third-generation trapper, hunter and fisherman.

Harry Feineis,
West Kill