Deconstruction of America


To The Editor:
During the past 45-50 years, Congress, the Supreme Court, and our ruling elite have enacted laws on immigration and citizenship that are deconstructing the United States as an historical nation. Their actions amount to the dissolution of virtually every tie that holds a people together; culture, language, race, and national consciousness. Up until the 1950s and ’60s, every one of these vital elements of our nation seemed unassailable. But now, primarily because of massive immigration, the very foundations of our national unity are under assault.

There is probably no other nation in history that has voluntarily adopted policies that so clearly point towards self-destruction. For nearly 200 years after independence from Britain, the United States was demographically a “European” nation. As recently as 1950, European-Americans were still approximately 90 percent of the total population. Today, the Bureau of Census states that they will become a minority by 2040, a minority in the lands their ancestors built.

All of this began to change in 1965 when Congress passed The Immigration and Naturalization Act amendments. The impact of Third-World immigration, through this nation-destroying Stalinist concept of “multiculturalism,’ has already produced a sustained attack on the historic identity of our nation as a “European” country. Pro-Third World militants, led by our Marxist “Liberal” and “Progressives,” demand that since the United States is now multicultural it must also be a multicultural nation.

The opening attack on the cultural identity and the political unity of our nation was the 1968 Congressional passing of the Bilingual Education Act authorizing education of non-English speaking children in their native languages.

Then, “our” Congress amended the Voting Rights Act in 1975 to require ballots to be printed in languages other than English. In its 1982 ruling, the Supreme Court only made things worse by requiring the states to provide free public education, in their own language, to illegal aliens, and in 1990 Congress waived the English fluency requirement for citizenship.

Still another deathblow against European-Americans occurred in 1993 when “our” Congress passed the National Voter Registration Act, known as the “Motor-Voter” law, which does everything but explicitly invite fraud. It “requires states to accept mail-in voter registration, discourages states from verifying eligibility of citizenship, and expressly states that mail-in registration forms may not include any requirement for notarization or other formal authentication.

This deconstruction of America is not an act of God or ordained by any law of history. It is the result of the policies of our ruling elites over the last half century in blatant disregard of the expressed wishes of the majority of our people. In the end, we may need an American Caesar who can and will expel those millions of non legal “New Americans” who were fraudulently allowed to vote by the Obama people and then clean out that Washington, D.C. rat’s nest of Congress, Supreme Courts and the INS who not only permitted but even encouraged this demographic plague that is turning our nation into another Third-World ghetto slum.

Leave Margaretville, my friends, and take a trip to Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, Boston, New York, Miami or New Orleans and see for yourself. The American of your grandparents has vanished.
Awake America!

E.O. England,