Dec. 9, 2009: Sorry state of affairs in this country


To The Editor:
What a sorry state of affairs this country is in. We are close to bankruptcy and we owe China more than we have and they can pull the plug anytime they want to. Every time you pick up a newspaper, it tells us of more taxes. Taxes are being raised by the state, the county, the town and the village. School tax went up. It truly is a scam about school taxes. Including the state’s help, the education of one child costs the same amount as what President Obama pays for his daughters at a fancy private school in Washington, D.C.
Utilities, gas, oil and food are going up and so will be our Medicare. How are we the Seniors suppose to pay for all these increases, when we are not getting an increase on our Social Security? Oh yes, they tell us we got more last year, which truly fell by the wayside with all the increases then.  
If we don’t pay our taxes they come and take our homes from us, very quickly. Do our elected officials ever think about that? What will happen to us old folk or don’t they care?  I don’t think so. Look around our county, or for that matter around New York State. More homes are up for sale every day and more are coming on the market.
In the meantime, we send our wonderful boys and girls to foreign shores to be killed. For what?  Stop raising taxes. Live on what we have to live on. And, I do not want to pay health insurance for state government workers or our elected officials. Nobody paid them for us when we worked and paid our dues to this country, in more ways then one.  
Iris Farrell,