Dec. 30, 2009: Not a clue about the benefits of hunting


To The Editor:
As I write this response to Ms. Cirincione’s absurd letter in last week’s paper defiling Ryan Trapani’s very cogent and well- thought-out letter I must bite my tongue. If we are in the Dark Ages, as Cirincione suggests, Cirincione is from another planet. Sadly, she has not a clue about the science and factual material in Trapani’s letter. Deer populations must be controlled, as we have eliminated nature’s top predators, mountain lions and wolves, allowing deer numbers to increase in many areas to the point of eliminating forest regeneration. Hunting, along with taking a hike in the forest, does connect humans with the real world of nature which includes life, death, prey and predator and is very different from the Cirincione envisioned nirvana. Humans are omnivores and not well suited to a “superior” diet of vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and grains.
As for the child seeing a dead deer, this was a potential teaching moment that should have been taken advantage of by the parent. Our youth should not be brought up in a world lacking the reality of life and death. They should be made aware in an appropriate way. Some of the kids I dealt with as a police officer on the upper west side of Manhattan back in the ’60s and ’70s would have been a lot better off if they had been given the opportunity to hunt and fish and connect with nature and the real world of life and death. They would have thought better before pulling the trigger on their friends in a dispute.
Her comments about money to be gained from hunting should not supersede the well-being and safety of people and defenseless animals sounds like it is coming from a disoriented and non-lucid person. As to her comment: “If you don’t hunt, Jesus will help you get a job and watch over you,” I suggest that Cirincione check the real science, forget Jesus, become a self sustaining locavore and savor some good healthy venison along with her veggies.
I must admit that her comment “the biggest problem we have concerning forests at this point in time is human development” is right on, I guess she read my previous letter to the editor.
Jack McShane,