Dec. 23, 2009: Hopes an agreement can be reached


Editor’s note: The following letter was written to Margaretville Hospital CEO Edmund Morache. The writer asked that it be printed here as a letter to the editor.

Dear Sir:
My name is Stanley Boguski. God willing I will celebrate my 81st birthday on February 7, 2010.
Thus far, my primary doctor, Jaikumar Ravunniarath, has helped me manage my multiple health problems.
During my December 15 office visit with doctor J. I voiced my disappointment in his leaving Margaretville Hospital. In return, Dr. J. stated he was surprised at the number of loyal patients he had. I sensed Dr. J. would be interested and willing to negotiate an equitable agreement that would enable Dr. J. to remain in Margaretville Hospital.
I respectfully urge you to give the above matter your serious consideration. A favorably reached agreement would serve as a timely, seasonal, holiday present for the Margaretville Hospital, its staff members, the community and Dr. J’s patients, including myself.
Thank you.

Stanley Boguski,

P.S. If the above mentioned agreement is beyond reach then I too, in all probability, will be leaving for the Northern Dutchess Hospital sometime after Jan. 3.