Dec. 16, 2009: Christmas Project support is welcome


To The Editor:
For many years the generous contributions of individuals, churches, businesses and community organizations have more than met the expenses of the Community Christmas Project. The committee works together to identify families and senior citizens who would enjoy a gift of food during the holidays. Turkey dinner with all the trimmings, plus cereal, milk, fruit, homemade cookies, and much more is delivered a few days before Christmas.
The balance, after this project, is reserved in an account known as the Community Aid Fund. The fund has been used to help families with emergency needs such as electric or fuel bills, eyeglasses or other medical expenses, food and transportation.
During this time of economic hardship your contribution will be especially appreciated. As always, thank you for your generous support.
Contributions should be made payable to the Community Aid Fund and be mailed to: Bonnie Walker, 489 Al Pekrul Road, Roxbury, NY 12474; 607 326-4769.
Cookies and small breads may be delivered to the Carriage House at the Gould Church on Sunday, Dec. 20. Thanks!

Bonnie Walker, Lorrayne Bolger, Lisa Riley, Cheryl Trent, Toni Osborn, Rich Dykstra, Shirley Kellerhouse, Dave Martin, Dan Underwood,
Karen Hinkley, Don
Kellerhouse, Pat Giella