Dec. 10, 2008: No bailouts


To The Editor:
I agree with Richard Schaedle’s letter that as taxpayers, these funds from NYS Governor’s office should not be poured into private development of the proposed Belleayre Resort project. A majority of the people, whether locals or not, appreciate the Belleayre Ski Center as the center of our economic life here in the Catskills. If the state can hardly afford to give Belleayre employees their wages, who are working there year after year, why should these rich people get more in their pockets now that the economy has tanked?
Besides, it will be at least 10 years (estimated by the Belleayre Resort project manager) before we see the completed project. So the immediate payout of taxpayer dollars from the governor for this project would not help this community.
I don’t think we should bail out the larger corporations either. The corporate executives enjoyed the huge profits without any thought to the future of their exploits. We should not bail them out. Talk about welfare, this is corporate welfare. If a poor person needs some help, they are all upset that they are taking from the state. I think we need to draw the line for corporate handouts.

Mary McKeon,