Dec. 10, 2008: Ban hunting


To The Editor:
The sadistic violence of sport hunting raises its ugly head again. The Catskill Mountain News letter of Amy Metzger reported how a much loved dog, Diva, was caught in a hunter’s trap.
Diva is recovering, but other wildlife are not so lucky. Many suffer and die as a result of violent hunters who get their kicks from hunting helpless wildlife. The recklessness of the Dept. of Fish and Game who profit through hunting licenses and the hunters are a danger to the public at large.
We are put at risk whenever a hunter leaves a trap, shoots an arrow or pulls a trigger without thinking, or under the influence. Many so-called “sportsmen” combine drinking and hunting, as when V.P. Cheney accidentally shot his friend in the face a few years back.
Sport hunting is a violent hobby that has no place in a civilized world and belongs back in the days when we had to use outhouses, horse and buggy and make trips out to the well for water. Hunting should be banned before another innocent life with a beating heart is violently tortured and/or destroyed. To learn what you can do to eradicate sport hunting, visit

Marcia Hawley,