Dangerous to freedom


To The Editor:
I fear that John Cerullo, in his letter to the editor in your February 29 edition, doesn’t fully understand the issue regarding the mandate that Catholic institutions pay for birth control for their employees.

Birth control is not a health issue nor is it a right enshrined in the constitution. But by mandating that religious objectors pay for this privilege for their employees is an abridgement of the former’s constitutional right.

Mr. Cerullo states correctly that, “Catholics are free to believe as they choose” and yet he maintains they should have no choice in this matter! He also states that “no employee of any organization should be forced to live by its dictates in their private lives” but he excludes Catholics from this government fiat.

It should come as no surprise to people who work at Catholic institutions that their employer has strict views, and they are free to choose where they work or where they get their contraception or abortions.

This, therefore is not the exercise of “unlimited power over the lives of employees.” But, it is the exercise of unlimited government interference in the religious beliefs of many. To pretend and think otherwise is dangerous for all our freedoms.

Colin McDonald,