Dalski, Sanford run to fill Roxbury Board seat


By Brian Sweeney
The Roxbury Central School District will hold a special election on Thursday, Oct. 3 from 3-9 p.m. to fill a board of education vacancy.
Candidates to fill the position are Ed Dalski of Denver and Ed Sanford of Roxbury. The Parent-Teacher-Student Association will host a “Meet The Candidates” reception on Thursday, Sept. 26 at 6 p.m. in the Roxbury Arts Group auditorium on Denver-Vega Road, Roxbury.
The vacancy was created when the board accepted the resignation of Roxbury resident Tara Poniros of Roxbury at its July meeting. She had served on the board for six years. The winning candidate will fill the remainder of her term, which expires on June 30, 2017,
Superintendent Tom O’Brien said that the board had the option of appointing someone to fill the vacancy until next May. When two parties expressed interest in the board vacancy, it was decided that a special election would be the most Democratic means of filling the vacancy.
Following are profiles of the two board candidates.

Ed Dalski
Ed Dalski is retired from a long career in the financial industry. He earned a master’s degree in finance with a minor in economics and began work as a writer for Forbes magazine. He later took a position as a security analyst with Paine Webber and later moved into sales work for the Paine Webber and several other financial companies.
Mr. Dalski recently completed his term as president of the Roxbury Run Country Club and thinks that the school board position would provide an opportunity to stay active and contribute to community.
“I have two grandchildren in RCS and I want to help make sure that they — and all the other students — get a good education that helps prepare them well,” he stated.
Mr. Dalski continued, “I’m a firm believer in education. I think that Roxbury is definitely on the right track. Would like to be involved in the decision-making process to make the kids better prepared for the future.”
As a board member, he would like to see more questioning of the unfunded mandates that are made at the state level and often result in financial hardships for districts.
“I like to ask questions and I think I could bring something to the party, as they say,” he concluded.
Mr. Dalski has owned a home in the Catskills since 1974 and moved here on a full-time basis about 10 years ago.

Ed Sanford
Arkville native Ed Sanford recently started his fifth year as school nurse at Andes Central School.
Mr. Sanford had previously worked as a nurse at Margaretville Hospital and also performed home infusion services. A graduate of Margaretville Central School, he earned a RN degree from SUNY Delhi.
Mr. Sanford said when he heard about the opening on the Roxbury School Board, he thought he could help make a positive impact by seeking the position.
“I figured it was my time to contribute. These are challenging times for school districts,” Mr. Sanford commented.
“Working in another school district and seeing those challenges in a good thing to bring to the table for a school board,” he added.
Mr. Sanford said he realizes that board members are limited in the amount of elements that can control in school, given the high number of mandates handed down by the state.
He said one of the most frustrating trends involves the amount of tests required by the state and federal governments.
“If I could change it, I wish they would stop testing the kids so much. We’re trying to test our teachers, based on the results the kids achieve. The kids are frustrated almost as much as the faculty and the administration,” Mr. Sanford stated.
“There’s got to a better way – it will take the thought and input of a lot of people,” he noted. “When the (board) position came available, I was pretty quick to respond. I said, ‘I’m willing to help.’”
Mr. Sanford concluded, “If elected, I would do what I can so can so that the students leave there with the best education possible.”
Current board members are President Edward Fersch, Vice President Bonnie Walker, Will Finch and Phillip Zorda.