Crazy River Café hosts Feb. 9 fundraiser for humane society

By Joe Moskowitz
Hard times can make life even harder for some pets. Fortunately for some of the abandoned, unwanted, or the “new landlord won’t allow them” cats and dogs in Delaware County, there is the Heart of the Catskills animal shelter on Route 10 in Delhi.
On Sunday, Feb. 9, the Crazy River Café on Route 28 in Margaretville is going to host a fundraiser for the shelter.
This is far from the first time Crazy River owners Char Roberts and Art DeBari have helped the shelter. Char is a former board of directors member and three of the five cats they own came from the shelter. Their three dogs, while from the shelter, were unwanted by their previous owners, according to Art.
Crazy River, and Now and Then Video, a downstairs business which thy also own, have long been major supply arteries to the Heart of the Catskills. Char says people often leave bags and cans of food that were either purchased new or were unused by pets that the owners no longer had. They also accept donations of beds, leashes, cash or whatever the animals may need and people are willing to donate. A stop at Crazy River and Now and Then is part of the regular routine for the man who clears the snow from the shelter’s parking lot.
On Sunday, Feb. 9, starting at noon, the normal routine at Crazy River will change. A portion of the proceeds of all meals sold will go toward the Heart of the Catskills. In addition to the money from meals, Char and Art want people to stop by, drop off donations and have a heart.