County cemetery in disrepair


To The Editor:
During the middle to the 1800s, Delaware County decided it was time to build a home to take care of the old, those that could not take care of themselves and families couldn’t take care of them either or perhaps their mental condition was such as they took special care. This was for adults as well as children. All ages were taken care of. As time passed, they had to take care of those that passed away and so the county developed a cemetery. Ages of the patients ranged from birth to one person that was over 100 when she passed away.
During the 1960s it was decided to build a new home and demolish the old one, and the patients and services were moved to the new one. However, the cemetery usage was discontinued and the county made other services available. During the time that the cemetery was in use, over 350 graves were used. Each had a head stone and the gravesite was numbered. Records for those buried still exist, however many headstones are missing.
The problem now lies in the face that the cemetery has not been taken care of and is covered with weeds, bush, trees, and animal holes. You cannot tell that a cemetery actually exists there.
The reason for this letter is to ask the residents of the county to send us any information they may have in their possession that might assist us in cleaning up the grounds and making it like it was years ago. It is possible that there are people in the county that have members of their family buried in the area. Pictures would help us greatly.
James Eisel, chairman of the board of supervisors and William Moon, chairman of Delaware County Social Services are aware of this condition and it is hoped that they will find the funds to bring it back to condition it was during its days of service.
Please send any info that you may have to me at 378 County Route 18, Delhi, NY 13753. If you wish to keep your original information, please send me copies. Either way will be fine. If you send originals, I will return them to you.

Charles Eustis,