County businesses receive economic development funds

By Joe Moskowitz
Winter’s a long way from being over but the region’s business climate may finally be warming up. In a very short time, maple sap will be running in the Catskills and one of the area’s largest producers of maple syrup got some sweet news last week. Roxbury Mountain Maple is going to share $107,000 in loan proceeds from the Delaware County Economic Development Agency.
The money will go toward the purchase of four new rotary claw pumps. Bill Willis of Delaware Economic Development says the pumps will increase the amount of sap that flows from the trees by more than 50 percent.
The loan will also help pay for 1,500 new taps, and two new storage tanks.
Willis says he was glad to make the loan to Roxbury Mountain Maple owners Dave and Linda Holscher who he described as good people with a good product.
Gravity Cider of Walton will also receive money from the Delaware County Economic Development Agency loan.
And there may be more good business news on the way.
Peg Ellsworth, executive director of the Arkville based MARK Project said there has been a steady increase in the number of people who have contacted her office about the possibility of opening new businesses.
Ellsworth said there are a variety of reasons including an improving economy, the state’s willingness to invest upstate and the possibility of the Belleayre Resort becoming a reality.
In the meantime, Ellsworth said MARK is in the process of resurrecting the Small Business Development Fund. That’s a total of $250,000 that would help entrepreneurs get up and running.