Construction delays expected from Mt. Tremper bridge work

By Jay Braman Jr.
New York State Route 28 corridor travelers should plan an extra few minutes to their commutes for several weeks. Work crews assembled a temporary traffic light early Monday morning in Mount Tremper on the state-owned highway.
The light is to stop traffic while the state’s department of transportation (DOT) works on the Mount Tremper bridge, a large span over the Esopus Creek located an eighth-of-a-mile west of the junction of Route 28 and state Route 212.
But have no fear. DOT officials say there is nothing wrong with the bridge.
DOT spokesperson Allison Ackerman said the job is part of a large, two-year project to maintain 20 bridges in a three-county area. The project does not include Delaware County bridges.
“It’s upkeep. Maintenance. That’s all,” she said Tuesday.
Ackerman said the job involves swapping out the bearings on the bridge and some painting.
While she was unable to say exactly how long the red light will be in place, staffers with Harrison and Burrows Bridge Construction, the Glenmont Firm contracted to do the work, said it is expected to be active for a little more than a month.
The good news is the light will only be operational between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays. It will be off during evening hours, weekends and holidays.
Tom Story, a DOT official involved with the project, said the light is portable.
“They’re gonna take it down every day,” he said.