Congressional Gold Medal presented to Ruth Reynolds' family members

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Scott Murphy (NY-20) congratulated the family of Ruth Franckling Reynolds last Wednesday for receiving a Congressional Gold Medal for her service as a Woman Airforce Service Pilot (WASP). Her children, Peg DiBenedetto, Nancy Reynolds and Warren Reynolds, received the award on behalf of their mother at the Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony that took place on Capitol Hill.
“The Women Airforce Service Pilots answered the country’s call to service during World War II,” Murphy said. “I want to congratulate and thank the family of Ruth Franckling Reynolds for her service and dedication to her country. Ruth, like so many other women who served during that time, blazed a trail that many female Air Force pilots follow today.”
The WASP was established during World War II with the primary mission of flying noncombat military missions in the United States, thus freeing their male counterparts for combat missions overseas. They were the first women ever to fly American military aircraft and they flew almost every type of aircraft operated by the Army Air Force during World War II, logging more than 60 million miles.
Included in this award are women who flew under operational flight orders for the Army Air Forces during World War II and were officially named WASP by order of General Hap Arnold, Commanding General of the Army Air Forces, as well as trainees who were killed while in training.