Community support "amazing" for fire victims

By Brian Sweeney
Prior to last week’s fire, Cherie and Frank Davis had been planning a major summer kick-off party to benefit the Roxbury Fire Department. “No the irony is not lost on us,” commented Cherie.
On Wednesday, while still dealing with the shock, they began to cancel the various preparations for the event.
“Then the most wonderful thing happened,” Cherie recalled. “We got a call from Mike Mathis & The Roxbury Arts Group offering to pick up the reins and make the party happen at RAG.
In addition, The RAG staff transformed the event into a fund-raiser to benefit both the fire department and the Cha Cha Hut.
The event was a rousing success and the sense of community definitely helped with the healing process.
“The people of Roxbury and the surrounding area have been so amazingly supportive, both before and after the fire. We have been amazed by the generosity of the area. Special thanks to The Roxbury Arts Group, Mike Mathis and the Roxbury Volunteer Fire Department.
“The dedication of this fire department to its community is overwhelming. The Roxbury Arts Group and Mike approached us in less than 12 hours to put together a benefit. We barely know what to do with all of this,” Cherie told the News.