Community Storytelling Troupe will offer spring, fall workshops

Do you love stories? Do you remember how it feels to curl up in bed, basking in the rise and fall of a loved one’s voice telling you a tale as you drifted off to sleep? Or perhaps you’ve been the tale-teller yourself, sharing the magic of story with your own family around the dinner table, a room full of friends, or a classroom full of wide-eyed students. Whatever your experience, even if you have no experience at all, the Community Storytelling Troupe invites you to join in an exciting new project!
The Community Storytelling Troupe is offering such a wide variety of activities throughout the year, that there is guaranteed to be something for everyone. Here are the year’s activities at a glance:
Storytelling workshops: The Community Storytelling Troupe will offer two eight-week storytelling workshops, April-May and September-November. Participants will study and practice the art of storytelling by exploring topics such as story selection; character development; use of gesture and voice; pacing, dynamics and audience interaction. The weekly workshop sessions will provide a great time for all as we develop a repertoire of stories to perform at venues throughout the county. The spring Storytelling Workshop will start in early April. Registration is open to both youth and adults. Beginners are welcome and highly encouraged to join. For more information, please contact Laurie McIntosh at 676-4727.
Family concert series: The Community Storytelling Troupe will kick-off this spring with the first family concert featuring bi-lingual storyteller Gregorio Pedroza on Friday, March 28 at 6 p.m. This all-ages show is free and provides a perfect opportunity to experience the magic of story firsthand and learn more about the Storytelling Workshop and other troupe activities. Upcoming concerts in this series will feature storytellers Margot Farrington (May), Jack Maguire (September), and The Storycrafters (October).
Story Circle: Meeting monthly from May to October, the Story Circle offers both novice and experienced tellers the opportunity to try out new material in a casual and supportive environment. As with all troupe activities, the Story Circle is free and open to folks of all ages.
Outreach concerts: Troupe members take their stories on the road, spreading the magic of storytelling throughout the county at venues such as schools, libraries, senior centers, ARC and community events.
For more information about the Community Storytelling Troupe, please contact troupe director Laurie McIntosh at home 676-4727 or at the Andes Library 676-3333 on Wednesdays between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. and Thursdays between 4 and 8 p.m.