Clock owned by Wallace Nutting to be sold at auction

Margaretville — If there’s one thing Chuck McIntosh has learned from his nearly 40 years in the auction business it’s that you never can predict what kind of items will show up on the auction block at any given time.  This fact was reinforced when a gentleman walked into the McIntosh Auction Center and told Chuck that he had a clock he wanted to consign.

Special piece
As it turned out, this was not just any clock, but an early 19th century, seven-feet, seven-inches tall case grandfather clock.  The story got even better as the gentleman told Chuck that the clock once belonged to noted American author, artist, historian, collector and furniture maker Wallace Nutting.  The icing on the cake was, that the man had a copy of the documentation for the original sale of the clock, upon Nutting’s death in 1941 at his estate sale in New York City.
“Having the documentation is such an important part of an important, historic items, such as this clock,” Chuck explained. Many times people have an item that they believe is historic, that was handed down through the family, but there is no documentation. But in the case of this clock, we not only have the original sales catalog, but there is a notation next to the clock stating that it was purchased at the sale for $85.
The Wallace Nutting grandfather clock will be the featured item of McIntosh Auction’s Memorial Day antique sale on Saturday, May 24 at the auction barn located on Route 28 and Fair Street. The sale will also feature a wide variety of antiques including estate jewelry, old baseball uniforms, carnival glass, old toys, antique signs, furniture, and more.

Preview times
The auction preview is by appointment, or anytime after noon on sales day.  When asked for a prediction as to what the clock will bring, Chuck remained non-committal. He explained it is tough to value a one-of-a-kind item with provenance such as this clock.  The clock will be sold without reserve, and Chuck’s only prediction was that he expected it to handily beat its’ original selling price!
For additional information, please feel free to contact Chuck McIntosh at 607 832-4829.