Clearing the record on Gibson


To The Editor:
In last week’s paper a letter writer expressed dismay at receiving what he perceived to be annoying and false information regarding Congressman Chris Gibson, sent by candidate Julian Schreibman. Gibson’s voting record is proof of what is being detailed in those mailings. I have actually gone into the Congressional voting record for Congressman Gibson and it is very clear where he stands on issues.

I don’t doubt any of the statements the writer made regarding Gibson, as I am sure he is a wonderful father, husband and son. I also agree that he has initiated some things that are very beneficial to our 19th Congressional District. However, this position is broader than just “local” issues as the Congressman votes on national issues as well. It is there where he falls short. To be clear, he does vote bipartisan on issues, especially those concerning the military. I thank him for that. Before I list where he stands on other issues, which are diametrically opposite of where Schreibman stands, I have to make one more comment about the letter writer.

He had no problem calling out candidate Schreibman and his “henchman” as liars and purveyors of spreading “insensitive and deplorable actions,” yet had no problem spreading innuendo and unfounded accusations against Schreibman by stating hearsay that, as Ulster County Democratic “head,” he caused “dissention (sic), resentment, and resulted in the party losing control of the legislature.” He even alludes to Schreibman’s tenure at the CIA as questionable. No proof, just innuendo, and frankly I am surprised the CMN would even print those allegations.
Gibson voted to give “Big Oil” billions of dollars in tax cuts. He opposes safeguards that prevent big polluters from dumping mercury, arsenic, lead and other pollutants into our air and water (HJ RES 44). He is for the Keystone XL pipeline which would send Canadian oil overseas while at the same time threatening the drinking water for millions of Americans (HR 4348). He voted for expanded oil drilling that could threaten drinking water for 1,000s of NYers and wants to gut programs to protect and enforce the Clean Air & Clean Water Act by voting to weaken said act, putting our drinking water, streams, rivers and wet lands at risk from toxic pollutants (HR 2018). He has voted to loosen restrictions on emissions of neurotoxins and other poisons from coal-fired power plants (HR 2401). Gibson sided with Big Oil to open up American Coastal waters to more exploratory drilling by companies like BP and Shell (HR 6082).

He voted to terminate a program protecting public lands and national monuments for future generations (HR 1). Gibson voted to strip funding Planned Parenthood health care centers that provide basic health care and lifesaving preventative care to millions of Americans (HR1). He opposes a woman’s right to make her own decisions about what is best for her and her family by voting yes on banning Federal health coverage that includes abortion. He supports allowing health insurance companies to charge women more for care while denying access to health care choices.
Gibson signed the No Climate Tax Pledge to oppose legislation relating to climate change that includes a net increase in government revenue. He wants to appeal the Affordable Health Care Law. Lastly, he opposed any form of intervention in Libya and voted to cut off any funds with “no exceptions.” These are facts. These are recorded votes for all posterity. I, for one, will be voting for Julian Schreibman on November 6.
Linda Caswell,