Chace Randall opens Curator's Choice Show


Andes — Chace-Randall Gallery presents Curator’s Choice; a group exhibition by the gallery’s permanently exhibiting artists November 15 – December 26. In celebration, the gallery will serve refreshments all afternoon: Thursday, Nov. 15. You are invited! And the gallery will be open on a Wednesday, too: Boxing Day, December 26 close of show—might have some brew!

A strong believer in the work of each and every one of her artists, gallery owner and director Zoe Randall admits that not every painting, photograph, sculpture or unique work on paper in the gallery strikes a cord within her as deep as another does. Yet, she is always reticent to point out her favorites. “Although the gallery is very much about my personal aesthetic, I don’t love every piece in which I do find merit. Relevance may not be subjective, but taste is,” says Randall. “It’s my job to present the finest works I can, but never to intrude upon one’s personal taste,” she says.
Still, Randall finds that her customers, more often than not, want to know which pieces she prefers over others—which pieces she would chose for her own home. Curator’s Choice is the opportunity to find out.

Participating artists are Rimer Cardillo, Keith Cardwell, Grant Collier, Judith Lamb, Inverna Lockpez, Patrick McCay, Michael Rich, Christie Scheele, Sharon Wandel and Marie Vickerilla.
Granted, many of Zoe Randall’s “favorites” have slipped away over the years, sold to a good home or placed in institutional collections. These “favorites” are part of Chace-Randall’s current inventory. And there will be no “red-dotting” in this exhibition. Works will be wrapped from the wall, another piece replacing it. “I want people to have the opportunity to buy art for their holiday pleasure, whether a gift for themselves or another,” says Randall.

No sneak previews, as it cannot be determined what will sell when. The only assurance is a fine exhibition of the finest artists showing in the Western Catskills. The exhibition, however rotating, will remain for viewing pleasure all winter.

Chace-Randall Gallery is located at 49 Main Street, Andes. Season gallery hours: Saturday, Sunday and Holiday Fridays and Mondays 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and by appointment. Winter hours will be by appointment only. For more information, call 676-4901 or visit