Catskill Images opens photo studio in Roxbury


Roxbury — The Roxbury business community continued its renaissance on Saturday, August 27 with the grand opening of Catskill Images’ new photography studio and gift shop on Main Street. “Just look for the orange door, you can’t miss it”, says owner and photographer, Jill Ribich.

“I have been shooting weddings and portraits in Roxbury and the Catskills for 10 years and finally decided to open a studio in town. Roxbury is going through a lot of positive changes right now with several new businesses opening on Main Street and the amount of activity that goes along with that,” says Ribich. “Every town has its ups and downs and Roxbury is definitely on the upswing.” A lot of the activity is due to the growing wedding business that has centered in Roxbury. Having a storefront with signage on the main business corner of Roxbury, gives the Catskill Images studio great exposure to its target market of engaged couples.

“The wedding business is seasonal to the summer,” explains Ribich, “so I hope to add more portrait work during the winter months to balance the work load. I am fortunate that I have been asked to do the senior yearbook pictures for Roxbury Central School this year along with the prom and other activities at the school. I also have an Epson 4900 professional printer to do wide-format printing for professional photographers and artists.

“In fact, I printed the work by Peter Stupar that he added to his Rock and Roll Photography Show that is hanging in the Orphic Gallery just across the street from the studio. I also added a small gift shop area to generate interest and increase traffic into the studio. I have some work by local artists as well as lots of “bling” for the bride to be.”

As president of the Greater Roxbury Business Association, Ribich is especially pleased to see all of the people on the sidewalks in Roxbury over the weekends and during the week. There are several new businesses open and if you have not visited the village in a while, you will be amazed at what you find.

Many of the older buildings have been refurbished and repurposed into storefronts, restaurants, and galleries. Other buildings have been purchased and are waiting on funding to be restored. “I was fortunate to be in a position to move into the Main Street storefront when I did”, says Ribich. “There are still some buildings for sale and spaces for rent, but they are going fast. Yes, it’s a good time to open a business in Roxbury.”