Candidate Rosa to benefit from festival sales


Margaretville — Think quick. Do you know what your federal and state voter districts will be in 2013? Do you know when the Margaretville Street Fair is this year? If not, you can find the answers at the Middletown Democratic Committee (MDC) booth at this year’s Central Catskills Great Outdoor Experience Festival.

The new, three-day festival on August 24, 25 and 26 is the event-filled successor to the annual Margaretville Street Fair. The MDC will have a booth on Saturday the 25 where visitors can buy barbecued chicken and take a chance on 50/50 raffle tickets while seeing their new district maps and learning who their candidates will be.

The MDC will donate the profits from this year’s booth to the “Elect Judge Rosa County Judge” campaign. Gary Rosa, Town of Middletown Judge and New Kingston resident, is running for Delaware County Judge. Rosa will be on the ballot this November under the Democratic Party line and the independent “Fair Justice” Party line.
For more information, call Lisa Tait at 586-3178.