Candidate forum this Saturday in Fleischmanns


By Jay Braman Jr.
Since residents of the Village of Fleischmanns are Town of Middletown voters too, Fleischmanns First is hosting a Town Supervisor Candidate’s Forum following its regular meeting this Saturday morning at the La Cabanna Restaurant on Main Street. Town supervisor candidates, Marjorie Miller and Nelson Delameter, will attend and participate in the forum.

Each candidate will make a presentation of not more than 20 minutes and then field questions and answers. Fleischmanns Mayor Todd Pascarella will moderate. Delameter will present at 10 a.m. and Miller at 10:40 a.m.

On Tuesday Pascarella said the forum would be a good place to learn about both candidates in general and also learn about how they each view the relationship between Middletown and the village.

While he is not sure what people will be asking, Pascarella does expect a good turnout. “People are interested in what the candidates think about Fleischmanns,” he said. Pascarella noted that, because of its location on the very eastern edge of Middletown, Fleischmanns has a different relationship with the town than nearby communities.

“We’re not part of the Arkville/Margaretvile circle,” added.
Pascarella also predicts that Fleischmanns voters will be interested in how they will represented by the supervisor on the Delaware County level.

Following dramatic flood damage to several bridges, Fleischmanns has found itself at odds with Delaware County over the degree of repairs the county will make.
Since the county government has a board of supervisors instead of a legislature, Pascarella says he expects village residents to ask the candidates about how each intends to represent Fleischmanns. “The supervisor is our only advocate at the county level,” he said. “People want to hear how the supervisor would function in the role.”

Asked what other issues may surface at the forum, Pascarella speculated that the village’s relationship to the Middletown Highway Department will be discussed.
The monthly meeting of Fleischmanns First begins promptly at 9:30 a.m. with coffee and a light breakfast at 9:15 a.m. The forum begins immediately thereafter.