Campaign issue explained


To The Editor:
Until Mr. Davis submitted his recent letter in the News, I was going to stay quiet and keep my views to myself. When he mentioned several issues that I knew were not factual, it was time to get the facts out.

First, I am not here to attack Mr. Davis. As a village employee, the mayor’s race affects my job and ability to do it. The next few years will determine the future of the village and I agree with Mr. Davis, flood mitigation is key.

I addressed the Fair Street well contamination issue the last time he ran for mayor. If he is so concerned about contamination of the well, then why would he buy the adjacent property and want to put cows on it? Would that not risk contaminating the well again? It would, but we would have to keep that a secret.

Mr. Davis says in his letter that the 2005 storm water project and the paving of same street several years later were the only projects done recently. He also states that the projects were done because of who lives on that street. The fact is that this project was funded by CWC and done by the request of DEP. The purpose was to disconnect the existing sump pumps from the sewer system.

As for the paving, that was done to try to correct the paving done during the storm water project. What projects could Mr. Davis be forgetting? There was the new Orchard Street bridge, a new Walnut Street bridge, a new Fair Street well-house and well, a new Fair Street culvert, sandblasting and painting of the interior of the village’s water tank and a new park pavilion.

Several of these projects could be considered flood mitigation work. He states in his letter that “flood mitigation work has languished” and he is right. At one time the village had a very good working relationship with Delaware County Soil & Water. What do you think caused that to change? Maybe when an organization’s director is sued by a local citizen, they are not as willing to push for projects in the village.

Almost of all of his letters refer to the current mayor and board as the “Mushroom Factory.” During my tenure I have had to work with several different boards with which I have not always agreed. However, I do answer to them and respect their decisions. For the amount they are paid it’s a wonder anyone would want the job.

As for it being a secret society, last time I looked the board meetings are open to the public. There is even a spot on the agenda for public comment.

Mr. Davis states, “To be mayor gives you the credentials to do things that you can’t as a private citizen.” That sounds like he has his own agenda and nothing will stand in his way. I hope the residents have a good memory as to the community-minded man he is! It is good, however, to have competition for mayor.

Mr. Davis is a very intelligent man and could be a great asset in certain matters. However, being a mayor is not one of them. That is my opinion and since I don’t know who will win the election, all I can say is, “vote.”

Henry Friedman,