Busk & Bard Festival in the spotlight

Roxbury — For one expialidocious afternoon only, come to Hamboniest Hamlet of Roxbury on Saturday, Sept. 1 for the most effervescent and almost everything Busk & Bard Street Performers Extravaganza! Explodiferating at noon on both major boulevards, you’ll witness acts of derring do, done that, doggone dumbfoundment and possibly — Your Very Own Act. (You have to read to the end to find out about that part.)

Artfully Arch Aerialists, Fire-eating Flame Throwers and Blowers, Jiggliferous Jugglers, and Slippery-toothed Soothsayers are but a few of the jaw-dropping jubilations that will have you bug-eyed all day, via the barnstorming bravado of bacchanal promotions and the storm-tossed troupe of hypercaffienated hearties they truck from one state of mind to the other. Bacchanal will take to the streets all afternoon, then at 4 p.m. they will magically jello for Their Really Big Show. 

Children of all ages will also delight in the acrobatic yet somehow romantic Roman-Style equine artistry of JD Winslow and his galloping mounts of majesty, Zeus and Athena. Meanwhile, inside our very own temple of art, The Roxbury Arts Center, Aree Bray will create a magical installation of silent film classics, projected hither and yon, with live musical accompaniment to syncopate your synapses.

The renowned championship vintage baseball club, the Roxbury Nine, will be in full swing for all their cranks in Kirkside Park’s legendary Ball Field. The younger set will be happy to know that the ever popular Teddy Bear Tea will be held during the afternoon so that all stuffed critters and dollies may get a thorough dose of etiquette and chocolate chip cookies: pinafores provided.

For the refinedest in your lot, there will be art afoot in the Walt Meade Gallery, with Ellen Wong’s impressionistic, plein air renditions of our beloved Catskills landscapes, “Local Gets Personal” to refresh the eye of the beholder, and in the Old Bank Gallery, a multi-artist exhibition celebrating “Trees and Leaves.” There’ll even be caricaturists, tattoists and face painters for those who want to turn themselves into a work of art.

We guarantee the First Annual Bonanza Bard & Busk Street Entertainment Extravaganza to prove so deliciously diverting and that you will have to eat your way through it to survive: specialty lemonade, cotton candy, a cart full of old-fashioned treats, root beer floats, gourmet chocolates and ice creams, chicken barbeque, baked goodies, wood-fired pizza, Roxbury VFD hamburgers and hot dogs.

If that’s not enough, you and your entire clan can dispatch forthwith to the Public House for a quaff of Ommegang lager or some good old-fashioned Budweiser brew.
The Public will also be serving foot-long dogs and veggie burgers for those pesky herbivores amongst you. Cassie’s and the East Branch will also be open with their full menus and comfortable chairs to take a load off your dogs.