Burroughs Community Day is June 12

Fleischmanns —When Alf Evers was asked what Catskill book besides his own monumental history should always remain in print, he replied without hesitation, John Burroughs’ In the Catskills. Bob Steuding, author of Last of the Handmade Dams,” Rondout, and Heart of the Catskills says, “Without a doubt, this is one of the most interesting and informative books, once again available, on the Catskills. It is an invaluable resource, one which no student of the Catskills should be without.”
One hundred years ago, shortly after he acquired an old farmhouse he called “Woodchuck Lodge,” near his boyhood home in Roxbury, John Burroughs’ friend Clifton Johnson published In the Catskills, a selection of Burroughs’ nature essays. He told Johnson at the time, “The charm of Slabsides [his rustic retreat in the Hudson Valley] had faded, and then I realized that the place in all the world that appealed most to me was the old boyhood farm, and that I was an alien elsewhere. I’d been homesick over 40 years. . . . The landscape had come to be a sort of outlying part of me, and it was a lucky day when it was here I would spend the rest of my summers.”
Nowhere is a love of Catskill Mountain landscape, its wildlife and people more exquisitely expressed then in these eight essays collected by Johnson and illustrated with his photographs. Appropriately, the centennial edition, with a cover painting by Andes artist John Hopkins, will go on sale first at Woodchuck Lodge in Roxbury on John Burroughs’ Community Day, Saturday, June 12, from 1 to 4 p.m. 
It is published by Purple Mountain Press of Fleischmanns. For more information call 800 325-2665 or visit www.catskill.net/purple.