Building plan issues stop work on CVS

By Brian Sweeney
The rebuilding of the CVS Pharmacy in Margaretville has been halted, pending additional reviews of project plans.

Workers were preparing to begin work on the footings and foundation last week. The project was put on hold when it was discovered that the new structure did not meet the size requirements for replacing a building destroyed by flooding.

PSK Supermarkets owns the property that houses the CVS Pharmacy and the adjacent Freshtown Supermarket. Company Vice President Dan Katz told the News this week that he hopes the problems can be solved shortly.

“We are reviewing and confirming the survey. The permits that were pulled were for the footings and foundations only. The rest of the plans are being finalized for submission into the Building Department.”

Both CVS and Freshtown sustained severe damage last August from historic flooding resulting from Hurricane Irene. The CVS building was razed the day after the flood because the building was deemed unsafe.

Supermarket operating
Freshtown reopened on May 23, after having been closed for nearly nine months. The store had to undergo virtually a complete renovation to overcome flood damage.
Mr. Katz said that a re-opening celebration is planned at Freshtown on Friday, June 22 at 9 a.m.

“We are very excited to have the store reopened and to be serving the community once again. We will now focus our efforts on the reconstruction of the CVS pharmacy building,” he stated.