Bovina family of six left homeless by fire

By Brian Sweeney
A Bovina Center woman and her five children escaped serious injury in a September 24 fire, but lost their home and all possessions in the blaze. Shana McIntosh Eaglefeathers and her children were able to escape from their home after discovering the blaze. Eldest son, Sol, is being credited with helping rescue his siblings.

All family members suffered smoke inhalation. Shana and her 10-year-old son, Eli, were also burn victims. She suffered second-degree burns and damage to her lungs. After being treated at O’Connor Hospital in Delhi, Eli was transferred to the Syracuse University Medical Center Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Both of the burn victims have been released.

The family was asleep in the mobile home when the fire was discovered about 11 p.m. Shana said that her daughter, Julian, a kindergartner, was the first to hear the smoke alarm and see the flames. She woke up Sol, who then rushed to get their nine-year-old brother, Cedar, outside.
Eli, a fifth-grader, suffered first-degree burns while shielding four-year-old Sage from the flames.
Called a hero for helping get his mother and siblings to safety, eldest son Sol downplayed his actions.

“It’s just called being a family member,” he stated.

Shana is a high school science teacher at Margaretville Central School. She said her family lost all of its possessions in the fast-moving blaze. Shana’s truck, which was parked nearby the mobile home, was also destroyed by the fire.

Volunteers from the Bovina and Andes fire departments fought the blaze, but had no chance to save the mobile home from the fast-moving fire. Officials are still trying to determine the cause of the fire.

The family did not have insurance on the mobile home, which they rented from the Ed Weber family. The mobile home was located on Weber Road.

Shana said that the outpouring of community support for the family has been overwhelming.
Likewise, Shana’s sister-in-law, Laurie McIntosh said the public response has been incredible.
“Our phone has not stopped ringing for days with people offering things,” Laurie commented. “I know it’s been the same for other family members as well.”