Bound to a wheelchair?


To The Editor:
The phrase, bound to a wheelchair, in the article that was a wonderful tribute to Terry Doyle really does a disservice to all who use wheelchairs for mobility.  When the “able” world sees a person (be it an adult or child) who uses a wheelchair for mobility, and sees that use as a deficit, instead of an aid, they are perpetuating ableism.

Ableism is a type of discrimination in favor of able-bodied people. We see it all the time; many people perpetuate ableism without realizing it.  I would encourage all who read this, and all the wonderful staff writers who write for this paper, to think about how they construct images of dis/ability in their words, their views, and their actions.  

Due to the advancements in medicine, many of us will live longer, survive once tragic and deadly spinal injuries, serious illnesses, and accidents; I think under these circumstances, many of us will be thankful to have the use of a wheelchair to remain active and mobile!

Annmarie Urso Geneseo
Long-time Arkville
and former
MCS teacher