Boating problems on reservoir


To The Editor:
I was so delighted that recreational boating was coming and did come to the Pepacton Reservoir. I nourished sweet visions of sailing the same waters I had come to know through fishing. Imagine seeing pretty sailboats scurrying past these beautiful shores. But alas, there is good reason why only six sail boaters have applied for permits.

DEP rules require a boat to be at least 11-and-one-half-feet long. That’s pretty long and probably heavy, eh? Add in the sails, a mast, a boom, tiller and centerboard and that’s quite a load.
Now you would say since that’s quite a boat, they must allow trailers to give you some fair chance of getting your boat into the water. Well, Nope. DEP rules will not allow a boat trailer near the water.
So, unless you’re comfortable sailing on a board, or you are as young and strong as a gorilla…you’re plum out of luck. And so I am.

Peter Lederman,