Bibliobarn opens new chapter in its Margaretville location

By Joe Moskowitz
We live in the age of the “Kindle,” an electronic gadget that allows people to read books on a computer-like device.

But there are still those people who like the look, feel, and even the smell of a real book that they can buy or forget to bring back to the library on time.

H.L. and Linda Wilson dedicated much of what might had been their retirement years to those people. First they opened the Bibliobarn on Roses Brook Road near South Kortright. About four years ago, they opened Bibliobarn 2 in Margaretville, appropriately in the barn behind the Commons Building.

In August, Linda received the worst news possible. A stroke had taken H.L’s life. This week she tearfully spoke of both the heartbreak after 41 years of marriage and the challenge of running the businesses by herself.

Linda told the News that it recently appeared as though a Brooklyn bookseller was going to purchase the original Bibliobarn, but that the sale fell through. Now that property is for sale again, but not the books. At least not there.

Lotta books
The Roses Brook location has about 39,000 volumes. The Margaretville location has about 17,000. But Wilson said she hopes to rent the entire Margaretville building. She is now just using the bottom floor. She would like to move all the books here and get into the wholesale book business.

If things work as planned, she knows it will be a challenge. Selling books isn’t her only job.

Wilson said she  is a former Episcopal Priest and is now a member of the clergy at the Apostolic Catholic Church in Halcottsville. 
She says it is an “open” church, so open that it welcomed her late husband H.L., even though when he started attending, he was as avowed atheist. She said he became a believer. It is so open that within days after same sex marriages were allowed in New York State, she performed a ceremony in the church.

Wilson feels that despite her losses and challenges she is ready to welcome people to stop by and visit her and her buddy, a rescue dog named Buddy, and perhaps, pick up something to read.