Beware: America for sale


To The Editor:
Human beings crave certainty. Throughout history, assorted shamans, haruspices, auspices, astrologers, sibyls, kaballalists, Marxists, pyromancers, Hegelians, palmists and tarot-card readers have made good livings off of the apparently limitless market demand for more certainty. Humanity is terrible at foresight, and trial-and-error is the chief way humans develop reliable knowledge. Any good book of history tells a useful tale about the present as well as the past and a great book of history can look back into the past to reveal to us those dark chasms of marked interruption of continuity, now forgotten by mankind which, perhaps, may hold a mirror for us to view the future. Example:

The decline and fall of the Roman Empire dragged on for many centuries, but it never sank lower than in A.D. 193 when the corrupt Praetorian Guard put the Empire up for sale. The buyer was a doddering drachma billionaire named Didius Julianus. The low point of the U.S. may be the year 2012, if a dollar billionaire succeeds in buying the Presidency. Take heed, any country that can be bought is not worth the price. Any man who tries to buy a country is unworthy to lead it.

Take heed, Mitt Romney! Don’t play the fool like that nutty old Didius Julianus, who was emperor for 66 days – until outraged Roman legions swept in from the provinces and beheaded him.

E.O. England