Belleayre's the best deal


To The Editor:
This letter is in regards to Dr. Paul Harris’ letter printed  in last week’s paper.   
Dr. Harris  is upset and will most likely be taking his family elsewhere for skiing since losing his free Senior Citizen Pass.  He states he has had this card since 2004 when he turned 65. That would put him over the age of 70 now.  

The rates to ski for his age group at Belleayre are significantly lower than for any other age group, as published on Belleayre’s website. In this struggling economy, it must be very hard to offer anything for free.  He’s had eight years of free skiing.  That’s pretty nice.  A full-season pass that is good at Belleayre, Gore and Whiteface is $210 for his age group. A Ski3 season pass for ages 23-69 is $739.  Dr. Harris would realize a significant savings if he decides to buy this pass.

I understand the grief of having to pay for things.  The good doctor can buy a season pass at Hunter, for his age group that would be  $425, per Hunter’s website, for unlimited skiing at one mountain.  

It sounds like Belleayre is still going to give you the best deal, doctor.  But hey, there is a reason a quote like, “don’t cut off your nose to spite your face” exists.
Christina Perrone,