Belleayre welcomes new Hall of Fame inductees

By Jay Braman Jr.
The fourth-annual Belleayre Mountain Hall of Fame celebration was held in the ski center’s main lodge Saturday evening. The Belleayre Mountain Hall of Fame was created in 2006 to honor individuals who have contributed in extraordinary ways to Belleayre Mountain, the surrounding Catskill Region, and to the athletic discipline of snow sports.
Honored this year were Lou Grocholl, Meg Monell, and John Fishkind for their extraordinary efforts to promote Belleayre and the sport of skiing in general.
Hall of Fame members are dedicated entrepreneurs, New York State DEC employees, and most importantly, skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts with vision and leadership.
In his two stints of employment at Belleayre, Lewis Grocholl was instrumental in helping to construct the original trail system in the 1950s when Belleayre first opened, and later was in charge of blasting most of Belleayre’s signature trails including Deer Run, Roaring Brook, Dot Nebel and the most recent improvements, Onondaga and Horseshoe Pass.
Meg Monell was the director of Belleayre’s ski school for seven years from 1969-1977.
John Fishkind has been a Belleayre skier since 1969, an everyday skier for the last 20 years, a charter board member of the Belleayre Mountain Racing Association (BMRA,) a charter member of Belleayre Mug Club, a Belleayre Coalition board member since 1984 and has been president of the Belleayre Ski Club since 1997.