Award-winning Delaware & Ulster gearing up for a new season

On Memorial Day weekend, the Catskill Mountains come back to life as the Delaware & Ulster Railroad cars chug out of the station once again for a season of fun and adventure. Whether you’re a mountain regular or a first time visitor, you haven't truly experienced authentic mountain life until you and your family enjoy a ride on the rails.
One hundred years ago, the old “Up and Down” was a vibrant network, connecting farm families with commerce, news and the outside world.
Every summer, the train would be bursting with city tourists, eager to take in that cool mountain air. You can recapture the expansive spirit and easy, strong momentum of those earlier days as you watch the hills, pastures and streams roll by. You'll be transported back in time with the rhythmic rumble and clatter that once ferried folks throughout these hills and valleys.
A train ride was once part of everyday life in the Catskills. The schedule includes two trains every Saturday and Sunday, from Memorial Day through the end of October. You can hop on board for a relaxing, two-hour round trip excursion at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. from Arkville to Roxbury. The DURR is also hosting several special events with modified schedules throughout the summer.

Train robberies
Come along for the ride of a lifetime as historically accurate lawmen and desperados have a shoot out track side. Bad guys don’t stand a chance during these lighthearted robberies of the Delaware & Ulster Railroad! Saturday, July 17 and Sunday, August 28.
Twilight on the Rails: even the words conjure up those unbelievable lilac and turquoise sunsets, followed by an inky sky with stars so big you almost feel you can touch them. You only get that in the Catskills. On the Delaware & Ulster Railroad, the splendor is complimentary, and it comes scented with wild thyme (and maybe a touch of bovine).
The laid back clickety-clack brings on the perfect state of “summertime.” Add to the magic the perfectly tuned music, and you are in heaven in the hills — with your special someone.
Roll along the river with us on Saturday, July 3 and Saturday, Sept. 4 as we trundle along to the beat of the Blues Maneuvers. The band is returning for the 12th consecutive year to dazzle all with rockabilly, R&B and real rock and roll. The Redeemers will be onboard July 31 to share some magic moments too.
Music, fun, romance and stars: it’s a magical night in the mountains with nothing between you and your sweet one but fresh mountain air. Those who wish to do it up “al fresco” with picnic larder and “cheer”-ful coolers are welcome to bring it on: the night is yours! Tickets are $17 and reservations are recommended. Save your seat by calling the Arkville Depot (845 586-DURR).
All trains depart from the Arkville Depot, conveniently located on Route 28 in Arkville.