August 27, 2008: Time to get Internet up to speed


To The Editor:
For those of us in rural areas stuck with dial-up internet access because there is no cable, and satellite is too expensive, there is good news. Part of Elliott Spitzer’s campaign platform was a promise to bring high speed Universal Broadband internet access to the rural areas of the state. Before Spitzer’s ignominious departure he did take a step towards that promise by initiating the New York State Council for Universal Broadband ( This organization provides grants for high speed internet access via a technology that delivers broadband over existing power lines (BPL).
Every place that has power lines would receive BPL, allowing you to go on-line just by plugging into any outlet. The system is in use in many states, from remote areas in California, rural Virginia and a system starting up in Onondaga County by a Syracuse company called New Visions Power Line Company, Inc. (
There is a great need for Universal Broadband, not only for us suffering through painfully slow downloads, but by government offices, law enforcement, hospitals, businesses, banks, fire departments, colleges, etc. BPL can bring us out of the dark ages.
I urge all of you to spread the word to family and friends, and everyone contact your town supervisors and let them know your position on acquiring high speed Broadband internet access throughout Delaware County.

Richard Stinson,
South Kortright