August 20, 2008: History repeats if we don't learn


To The Editor:
I thought that Margaret Inge’s “At Your Service” column in last week’s paper was about the best thing I have ever read in the Catskill Mountain News. Thank you Margaret, for writing about the beautiful commitment vows in marriage. We need more of this kind of writing in today’s world.
Also, Dick Sanford’s editorial in the same issue brought to mind the events that led to the activities of the Anti-Rent War in this area of over 150 years ago. The people who lived and worked hard to make this area livable found themselves and their land in bondage to rich outsiders and absentee owners. In a similar way local residents and businesses today in this area seem to be coming more legally in bondage to the outside powers of the DEC, DEP and New York City. In my opinion Dean Gitter’s ideas are part of this picture.
This situation seems to reflect the truism that history repeats itself or people never learn from history.

David R. Scudder,