August 19, 2009: What agenda is he talking about?


To The Editor:
This letter is in answer to Stuart Buswell’s Mailbag letter.
Since I agree with most of what Mr. Buswell brought up in his “We cannot fool Mother Nature” letter, I can’t understand why he refers to those worried about global warming as “Fanatics.” It does not seem fanatical to worry about the future of civilization on this planet when most respected scientists agree that the planet is warming and the evidence proves it.
Just look at the ice cap melting rates, recession of glaciers and you see the evidence. Whether it is too late to change the trend is disputable.
We also have changed the phrase to “Climate Change” rather than global warming so that people of influence like Sean Hannity on Fox cable news, can’t confuse the fact that one part of the country has just had its coolest summer in history as proof that there is no global warming. The Pacific Northwest is having its warmest summer in history, but Hannity doesn’t mention that.
What is warming at this point is the polar caps and the oceans. Just wait to see the climate effects of this over the coming years. To ignore this or dispute it is ignorant and irresponsible. It makes you wonder what alternate agenda people like Hannity have for wanting to convince you that everything is fine and business as usual is the way to go.

Ed Kirstein,