August 19, 2009: Going to D.C. to protest funding


To The Editor:
All right, now I am smokin’ mad! Why on earth is Paterson doling out $175 million in federal stimulus and other funds to welfare and food stamp recipients to meet their children’s “back to school” needs? He is giving every one of their children between 3-17 (whether they attend school or not) $200. What about the people who contribute to society? When is it going to be about us? This isn’t new politics. This is a horrible mind-set that seems to be getting obnoxiously worse with every generation.
One of my business fees went up $1,000 and they swiped it right out of my bank account and my neighbor’s family just received $1,000 and they deposited right into their account for “back to school” supplies. I guess that my family wasn’t worthy of that money and my neighbor’s family was. It makes me physically sick.
I have a quote that hangs on my wall from Adrian Rodgers that states “The government cannot give to anyone, anything, that it does not first take from someone else.” The sad part is that there are people who need the system and to those people I have compassion. But for the people who abuse it…I’m fed up! I’m sick of able bodied people reaping the benefits of the working class. I’ve got a bus and I’m headed to Washington D.C. for the march on September 12. This bus is not, I repeat, “Not,” affiliated with any political party. If ya wanna come along with me…get in touch.

Paula Brown,