August 19, 2009: Careless letter misleads the public


To The Editor:
In a careless letter to the editor last week, John and Janet Fishkind of Big Indian erroneously implied that Save the Mountain would welcome the demise of the Galli-Curci Theatre renovation project on Main Street in Margaretville. Nothing could be farther from the truth as the Fishkinds would know if they read the information at Savethe or wrote or called to ask our positions.
We know only what was reported in the local press, but we were very disappointed that what sounded like a perfectly appropriate, even model, village redevelopment project that could have added to the vibrancy of Margaretville, was apparently lost to a dispute with a neighboring store.
Indeed, Save the Mountain believes that development belongs in the villages and hamlets where the infrastructure is. Further, that scarce taxpayer money should be used to support smart redevelopment projects that help all local businesses thrive synergistically, as the theater might have. That’s the very definition of sustainable economy and Smart Growth. We do not support using scarce resources and monopolizing public assets to underwrite a taxpayer-enabled, out-of-scale, speculative, private timeshare development on the top of a forested mountain where there is no infrastructure. The distinction should be pretty clear.

Julie McQuain
President, Save the Mountain