August 13, 2008: Fleischmanns facing huge burden


To The Editor:
Fleischmanns taxpayers beware! Once again our taxes will be increased!
This is pay day for the misconduct of our village government during a former administration, when in July of 1999 the village board authorized the sale of two village wells for the meager grand total of $15,000. now the mistakes of the past years are haunting us in the form of an unnecessary water tower which will theoretically replace our loss of the sold wells. Please note, whereas, the sold wells gave Fleischmanns a separate source of water, the proposed water tower will be fed by the same spring water which currently supplies the water to our village. At best, in an emergency, the water tower could only supply one to three days of water. What have we gained?
This project cannot be justified. The expense of a $1.3 million loan will be a huge burden to our village taxpayers. Even though this is an interest free loan, the $1.3 million must be repaid by village residents.
The current village board is misguided in believing that this project is warranted. Raising the cost of water and other pass-along taxes to Fleischmanns residents to pay for the cost of the loan for the project will overwhelm Fleischmanns taxpayers.
The project is unnecessary and adds nothing to our village except a new tax burden.
And, don’t forget, many village residents were not fully reimbursed, (as promised) for the hookup of their sewer expense.

Larry Banks,