August 13, 2008: Earning tips for a good cause


To The Editor:
A heart-felt thank you to Cassie, Bob, Dottie, Heather, McKenzie, and all of the patrons at Cassie’s Café in Roxbury for their gracious participation in last week’s fundraiser for The Smile Train. I had pledged a donation to the organization, which provides cleft-palate surgery to under privileged children around the world, and when Cassie’s Café hired me as a relief waitress I decided I would donate my tips to charity. It was a very pleasant surprise that, within five days, thanks to Bob’s tireless promotion and the generosity of their patrons, I raised $1,250, a contribution sufficient to provide surgery for five children.
I spite of the fact that I had, and still have, no witnessing skills, everyone, from the owners to the patrons, was patient and understanding, generous and encouraging. T
he experience was, for me, most enjoyable as I met new people, reconnected with local friends and acquaintances I had not seen in years, and realized that I am fortunate indeed to live in a community of people capable of such an outpouring of support for a worthwhile cause.
Once again, thank you very much.

Lisa Palazzolo,