August 12, 2009: We cannot fool mother nature


To The Editor:
The global warming fanatics may or may not be right about their dire predictions but humanity has a greater problem than that. The rise in population, with its enormous consumption, will soon exceed the planet’s ability to support this massive human population. We are outgrowing our natural resources from deforestation to collapsing fisheries, desertification, the global spread of chemical toxins, ocean dead zones, and the death of coral reefs. The array of interrelated declines is evidence of our impact.
The use of food sources to produce bio fuel, that address one problem, but creates a vastly greater problem by reducing the world’s food supply. Lust and greed. The two items which cause most problems. There’s a nice forest. Let’s cut it down for it will make a lot of toothpicks. Then, with that barren land, we can “develop it.” That’s progress. ‘Develop’ is just another word for making room for more bipeds who, in turn, are full of lust and greed so that the earth plundering becomes perpetual, at least that’s what the developers think.
If we get into some environmental bind, then there’s always “science” to bail us out. Keep dreaming. It’s not necessary that starvation and disease curtail our numbers, but that’s the way most people seem to want things. Putting man on top and pretend that natural law does not apply to us, but only to animals, plants and material objects. Man is supposedly exempt. He can foul his air, soil and water. He can breed, because he is told that egotism has exempted him from the natural consequences of his actions, and that he can be saved by ‘miracles’ and of course modern science whenever he over-populates and over-abuses his environment. The Soviets put this aspect of nonsense into practice. Result: dried up lakes, deserts, large areas contaminated with toxic chemicals, pernicious microbes and radioactive wastes, as in the Chernobyl area. When are we going to get it?
The earth is a finite globe and there are boundaries to its abilities to support life. There is just so much arid land to grow food, just so much water to sustain life and just so much living room. Crowd this planet as you will but the result will be famine and plague of epidemic proportions. The future world that is being built is a giant Calcutta where we can all live in filth and poverty – equally. There are those so greedy or stupid that believe that there are no limits to our planet’s capacity. We will be seeing how false such a belief is, for nature is not to be fooled.

Stuart E. Buswell,