Artisans' Guild plans farmers' market demos

Halcottsville — The Catskill Mountain Artisans’ Guild will offer a series of artist demonstrations at the “Pakatakan Farmers’ Market” at the Round Barn in Halcottsville on Saturdays from 10 a.m.-noon., beginning June 27.
The schedule of demonstrations follows:
June 27: Paula DiSimone will demonstrate polymer clay and the endless applications for making pieces for jewelry without the weight, while working with color, form and texture.
July 4: Liza Belle Burke of the “Lost Art of Living” in Margaretville will demonstrate custom leathersmithing. She specializes in sandals, belts and bags.
July 11: Deb Rendo will demonstrate how she carves and paints wood to create her folk art.
July 18: Joe Hartman will demonstrate wood turning. The stove pipe bowl is a creative vessel, turned from a log with a large hole through the center. The finished bowl is oval with a small opening in the top with a large hole through the side, displaying the decayed surfaces naturally in contrast to the polished exterior. The demo begins with the rough log and each step is explained toward completion, along with information about the tools used.
July 25: Nat Thomas will demonstrate the many different dying techniques he uses to create his vibrant fabrics.
Aug. 1: Sandy Valk will demonstrate how she combines fabrics and beading to create beautiful hats and bags. In addition, Jill Cline will demonstrate the ancient art of felt making usng wool fibers, soap, water and “a little agitation.”
Aug. 8: Val Wells will demonstrate her 25 years of expertise in paper marbling, which she uses to create handmade photo albums and journals.
Aug. 15: Robin Bruck-Tanner will be demonstrating how she makes pottery on the potters’ wheel.
Aug. 22: Katherine Somelofski will demonstrate the art of making rag baskets. She will utilize strips of new and recycled fabrics, wrapped around coils, which are joined to form the baskets and then adorned with braided handles and natural objects.
Aug. 29: Chris Parrow will show how various techniques and hand building pottery and can be used to create one-of-a-kind pieces.
Sept. 5: Maureen MacDougall will demonstrate the art of making potpourr sachets. For all ages. $5 materials fee.
Sept. 19: Claire Herz will demonstrate fusible quilting techniques with her son, Jeremy, who is the artist behind her beautiful quilted wall hangings.
Sept. 26: Carlyle Bradford works with her hands employing one of nature’s oldest forms of ceramics — concrete. Her demonstration will feature how she molds this organically mixed stony material into functional pieces of home and garden sculpture inspired by nature’s beautiful leaves, vines, branches and moss.
Oct. 3: Kathy Grassi will demonstrate the various traditional sewing techniques she uses to create her handmade clothing and accessories.
Oct. 10: Tabitha Gilmore-Barnes will use a tabletop loom to demonstrate the multiple designs available with one or two favorite four-harness weave patterns. She will also give demonstrations of tapestry weaving on a frame loom. Other artists who will be at the market that day include Karen Lloyd who will demonstrate the spinner’s wheel and Turd Murad who will show various knitting techniques.
The Pakatakan Farmers’ Market is held rain or shine. The market is located at the historic Round Barn on Route 30 near the Delaware County hamlet of Halcottsville, in the central Catskill Mountains. The market is five miles north of Margaretville / Arkville and eight miles south of Roxbury. The location is 50 miles west of Kingston on Route 28 (turn right at Arkville cutoff road); 45 miles southeast of Oneonta on Route 30; 35 miles south of Middleburgh on Route 30; and 40 miles north of the Route 17 exit at Roscoe. Information: (845) 586-3326. Or learn more about all the vendors at: