'Around Roxbury' book signing Saturday at Yesterday's News

Roxbury — Yesterdays’ News will host a book signing and authors’ reception on Saturday, July 13 from 3-5 p.m. with Roxbury town historian Anthony Liberatore and Lynette Hinkley Liberatore to celebrate their new pictorial history of the Town of Roxbury, Around Roxbury, published by Arcadia Publications.

Yesterdays’ News is located at the corner of Main and Bridge streets. The Catskills’ newest newsstand will inaugurate a series of authors’ events that will continue throughout the summer.
From the time of the earliest settlements in the late nineteenth century, Moresville, Beaverdam and Batavia-Kill (now Grand Gorge, Roxbury and Denver-Vega), have had a remarkable history. Farms, thriving businesses, fine hotels, boardinghouses and community gatherings all contributed to the growth of Roxbury. Roxbury natives Jay Gould and John Burroughs each left their mark on history, both locally and nationally.

Around Roxbury looks at the unique history of the area from the 1800s to the mid-1900s. The book is splendidly illustrated with many photographs from the collections of Ronnie Ballard, local residents and Lena Bouton Underwood, a turn of the century professional photographer. Around Roxbury very ably captures the economic and social history of the town and affords a look into the history of Roxbury’s family farms, accommodations, churches and the buildings and businesses of the past. It also examines the impact the Gould family had on the town, including Kirkside Park and the Shephard Hills Golf Course and Lake.

Historic interest
Anthony Liberatore was born in Yonkers. His interest in local history began as a teenager, and has grown over the years. As a teen in the late 1960s, he began spending time in Roxbury becoming friends with many local residents eager to share their knowledge of the area. Anthony made Roxbury his full time home in 1982. Anthony credits his late friend Ronnie Ballard as inspiration for the book project. Ronnie’s wealth of knowledge and historical photo and post card collections were an invaluable resource.

Anthony was appointed Roxbury Town Historian in 2006. Anthony is also the keeper of the historic 118-year-old town clock located in the Roxbury Methodist Church, and has been involved with many local organizations and events over the years.

Lynette Hinkley Liberatore was born and raised in Roxbury. The Hinkley family came to the Roxbury area in the early 1800s, settling in the Vega valley, and later in Roxbury’s Meeker Hollow. Lynette enjoys quilting and gardening in her spare time.
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