Arkville water project to break ground

Staff report
Work is expected to get underway this week on an upgrade to the Arkville Water District.
Hubbell Inc. of Margaretville was the winning bidder for the water main construction and will be starting this phase of the project.

One phase of the project involves replacing deteriorating water distribution mains along Route 28 and eliminating two dead-ends in the distribution system to improve efficiency.

The upgrade project will include creation of a new well on the grounds behind the Delaware & Ulster Railroad. This well will become the community’s primary water supply. The current well, on Pavilion Road, will become the backup. A secondary water source is required by the NYS Department of Health and this necessity was one of the reasons for pursuing the water system upgrade.
Installation of new water meters will also be part of the project. Cowan Excavating of Roxbury won the bid for the meter installation work.

The water main replacement portion of the project will be largely completed by early September.
Terry Johnson, Arkville’s water superintendent, said it’s essential to have a back-up water source for the community if contamination occurs or other difficulties arise.

He also pointed out water quality at the tap will be improved by the upgrades and that frequent water main repairs should end with the installation of new mains. By eliminating two “dead ends” in the system configuration, water quality will improve by the creation of a continual flow through the distribution system.

After the project was well into the planning stages, the town was notified last November that an arsenic filtering system would be required. This mandate was made by the NYS Department of Health. The DOH said that samples from Arkville’s new test well did not meet acceptable levels of arsenic, according to limits set by revised safety guidelines.

At the July 12 bid opening, there were no submissions received for the arsenic abatement portion of the project. The Middletown Town Board, which is overseeing the project, voted to have the bids specs rewritten for this work and will them advertised a second time.

The project has been delayed several times, but all approvals are now in place for the upgrade.