Arena natives celebrate 60th

Jean and Frederick Ketchum were married in Pittsfield, Mass., on June 26, 1948.
Fred is the son of Roland and Gertrude Ketchum of Arena and Margaretville.
After their honeymoon, Jean and Fred returned to the Arena home. Their first night back they were treated to an old country custom — a Skimmelton!
After the newlywed couple were safely asleep for the night, a group of their Arena “friends,” including Fred’s brother Ronald, Sanfords, Dixons, Moores, Clums, Sidorowiczes and others, gathered quietly under the couple’s bedroom window. At a given signal the thunderous BOOM of Ralph Sanford’s cannon! The crowd of friends then shouted and banged pots and pans, raced into the house, kidnapped the surprised couple and spirited them off in separate cars. They all met for a planned party at Stan’s Tavern.
This year, the couple’s 60th together, they will celebrate over lunch with family and friends at the Inn Between restaurant on Sunday, June 29.
Jean and Fred still laugh at the memory of their Skimmelton surprise.
Does anyone know whatever happened to Ralph’s cannon?

Jean and Fred KetchumJean and Fred Ketchum