Area Police News: July 17, 2013

Six Roxbury area boys, ages 16 and 17, have admitted their part in a vandalism spree at Shephard Hills Golf Course in Roxbury on Tuesday night, July 2 during which more than $25,000 in damage was done to several golf carts and other property at the historic golf course.
Roxbury Constable Steve Williamson told the News on Monday that physical evidence left at the scene, including two belts and some beverage containers, quickly led him to the boys.
Golf course owner Frank Adamiak told the News Tuesday that he has met with the boys and their parents and is considering his options. “There is way more to this story than some damaged golf carts,” Adamiak said. He went on to say that he believes the incident is related to the economy of the area, a lack of things for teenagers to do, along with it being a classic example of teenage boys doing stupid things.

No charges yet
Adamiak has yet to press charges in the case. “Because of the extent of the damage, any charges in the case would be felonies,” he said. “I’m not sure at this point, that I want six young men to carry felony raps for the rest of their lives,” he went on to say. Adamiak said he believes that two of the boys are interested in joining the military and a felony conviction would end those plans.
Adamiak further stated that several of the boys had agreed to do restitution work at the course, once the private playground of the Gould family, to help offset the damage. The majority of the damage was to golf carts, which Adamiak owns and are not insured against vandalism.
“I want to see how the boys do on their promises to help repair the damage they caused before I decide whether or not to press charges in the case,” Adamiak said.
Because of their ages, the boys are eligible for youthful offender status and their names have not been released.