ARC volunteers raise funds for Salvation Army

Arkville — Folks from The Arc of Delaware County’s (Delarc) Community Living Skills Center in Arkville raised $251 from Thanksgiving to Christmas for the Salvation Army by ringing the bells.
One volunteer, Nancy Johnson, explained, “I felt good about myself. I'm glad I helped out others that are in need. I did a good thing for others.” Catherine Ippolito added, “It made me feel really good. I hope I see everyone again next year.” The volunteers were recognized for their contributions by Delarc CEO George Suess.
This is just one example of how the people of The Arc of Delaware County contribute to the greater good of their community. They continually seek opportunities to volunteer and partner with other not for profit and public service agencies throughout the county. If you are aware of a community need that individuals from The Arc of Delaware County might be able to help with, please e-mail or call the Community Relations Department at 607 865-7126.